Visitors from abroad

Are you receiving visitors from abroad? Sometimes people need a visa. Then they must show proof of sponsorship and/or accomodation. Download the form and come to legalize your signature with us.

Are you receiving visitors from abroad? Sometimes people need a visa to visit the Netherlands. You must show proof of their sponsorship and/or (private) accommodation by filling in a form. This form can be obtained at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service. In it you will describe why you have invited your guest. After that, you have to make an appointment with us to legalize the signature. This means that we will check if your signature and the one on the form are the same.

With this, your guest can show that you will help them. For example with the payment of the costs in The Netherlands, visiting a doctor and with the return to the country of origin.

We are not responsible for what you fill in on the form.


A letter of guarantee costs € 12,70.


Do you want to know more?

On the website of the IND you can read more about your visit to The Netherlands.


We will legalize your signature. You will get the form back immediately.


Are you receiving visitors from abroad? And do you need a proof of sponsorship and/or a of (private) accommodation? You can visit us to arrange it. This is how it works:

  • Go to the website of the IND
  • Download the form
  • Fill in the form, but do not sign it
  • Make an appointment with us to legalize the signature
  • Please bring the following items with you to your appointment:
    • The form without a signature
    • A valid passport or ID Card
    • A bank card or cash
  • Do you vouch for your visitor? Please sign the form. Are you married or do you have a registered partnership? Then both of your signatures need to be on the form. Important, you need to sign the form at our counter, not at home
  • You are not vouching for your visitor, but they do stay in your home? Please only put your own signature on the form. Again, you will do this at our counter, not at home
  • We will legalize your signature straight away. This means we will check the signature is yours
  • After paying for the legalization, you receive the form
  • Send the form to your visitor

Is there another person who vouches for your visitor? Then please bring this person with you to the appointment.

Appointment Visitors from abroad