Settling from abroad

You are living abroad and want to (re)settle in The Netherlands. You need to register in person with the municipality within five days after arrival. You can only make an appointment at our Leerdam office.

This does not apply to people from Ukraine.

People from Ukraine should call 0031 88 599 7000 and then they will receive a registrationlink. After filling out the form (one for each person) they will be contacted for an appointment at one of our city halls.


You can make an appointment by pressing the button below. This takes you to our appointment calender (in Dutch)

You can also call to make an appointment. Our phone number is 0031 88 - 599 7000.

Before you start

Documents to bring to the appointment:

  • Valid id (passport of id)
  • An email address is mandatory for making an appointment.
  • When you are not a Dutch national; the document that proves your legal residency (authorization for temporary stay (MVV) or residence permit)
  • Lease agreement
  • Birth certificate (if possible)
  • Marriage certificate, when you are married (if possible)
  • Authorization for temporary stay (MVV), when you are not a Dutch citizen. Exceptions are: EU-citizens and people with a nationality which are exempt from the possession of a MVV
  • Other documents that may be relevant like legal facts occurred abroad
  • When coming from Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, Sint Eustatius or Sint Maarten: proof of deregistration


The registration is free.


Please note, are you moving to the Netherlands with your whole family? Your partner and your (minor) children must also register in person. A declaration of establishment must be made for each person separately. You can do so by clicking, the link in your email containing your conformation of appointment, individually for every minor.

Only English, German en (most) French documents are accepted without a formal translation. The documents have to meet the requirements for legalisation of foreign documents. The requirements depend on the country of origin. You can read more about this on the webpage 'Legalisation of foreign documents for use in the Netherlands' (Deze link gaat naar een externe website).